Electrical Test Meters

At Hitek we specialise in service, calibration and repair of electrical test equipment. To request calibration, then please Contact Us

We are able to perform electrical test equipment calibration on the following:

  • 17th Edition Testers - Multifunction Testers, 17th Edition Test Kits, Insulation Testers, Earth Testers, Loop Testers & RCD Testers
  • Clamp Meters - AC/DC Clamp Meters, Earth Leakage Clamp Meters
  • PAT Testers - PAT Testing Kits & PAT Testers
  • Digital Multi-meters

If your instrument is not on the list or if you require any further help, then please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Hitek's team of highly trained and experienced technicians ensure that test and measurement instruments are performing correctly and conform to all manufacturer standards.

Calibration Services
Our technicians are highly trained and competent to perform UKAS or traceable calibration services either in our own calibration lab in Horsham, West Sussex or alternatively we can come directly to your premises and provide calibration on-site via our Mobile Cal Lab.

Hitek's Service Centre offers a 24 hour drop-in service. If you are a local tradesperson who requires calibration of electrical instruments, then Hitek can offer a rapid calibration service for you.

In-house Calibration
You can either send your equipment directly to us, we can pick it up via our own courier service (if you are based locally to our office) or you can alternatively opt to have your calibration performed directly on-site.

On-site Calibration - Perfect for those who don't want to send equipment off-site as it is essential to your processes or where fixed/heavy equipment cannot be moved

Our on-site calibration service is ideal for those with a large amount of equipment on-site that would be inconvenient to send away for calibration; instead our technicians will come to you, anywhere in the UK and perform comprehensive on-site calibration of your equipment.

17th Edition Testers

Our 17th edition tester kits come fully equipped with everything needed for electricians to test electrical installations in accordance with 17th edition regulations. We offer various combinations of single function insulation, multi-function, insulation, loop and RCD testers from top manufacturers including Fluke, Megger (MTK, MFT & PPK ranges), Martindale (2500 Part P Testing Kit), Di-Log, Kewtech and ATP.

Clamp Meters

Clamp meters are tested similarly to multimeters, where the values of the tester are put through steps between the minimum and maximum to ensure it performs correctly according to the manufacturer’s specification. We have quality clamp meters that measure both high and low AC and DC currents as well as earth leakage and earth resistance clamp meters from Fluke, Megger, Kewtech, Di-Log and Martindale.

PAT Testers

Our PAT Testers are used for electrical safety testing of office and IT equipment in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The main suppliers that we calibrate are Seaward, Fluke and Megger.


A multimeter is an electrical measuring instrument which is perfect for measuring current (AC and DC in amperes), resistance (in ohms) and voltage (AC and DC in volts) on electrical circuits. Typically, a multimeter is a combination of a DC voltmeter, an AC voltmeter, an ammeter and an ohmmeter. 

Hitek offer both standard traceable calibrations and UKAS accredited calibrations on a range of on DC and Low Frequency multimeters (bench multimeters, handheld multimeters and high precision multimeters). We calibrate handheld digital multi-meters from Megger, Kewtech, Martindale, Di-Log or Fluke at up to 8 1/2 Digits.

Extra High Tension Devices

Hitek can offer standard traceable calibration services on a range of Extra High Tension (EHT) devices including:

  • High Voltage Probes
  • Flash Testers
  • Hi Pot Testers
  • Tachometers

Other Electrical Test Equipment

  • Ammeters - Up to 80A DC
  • Counters - 0.1 to 22 GHz
  • Continuity Testers
  • Current Voltage Sources
  • Data Loggers
  • Detectors - 0.1 to 18.5 GHz
  • Dummy Loads
  • Function Generators
  • HV Measurements - Up to 30kV DC
  • LCR Meters
  • Mains Analysers
  • Multi-function Calibrators
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Power Supplies
  • Reference Sources
  • Resistance Boxes
  • Resistors
  • Safety Checkers
  • Scopemeters
  • Shunt Boxes
  • Tachometers - Optical 15Hz to 10kHz
  • Timers
  • Volt Meters - Up to 1000V DC
  • Wristband Checkers

Hitek provide calibration services for all test and measurement instrumentation you may be using in your production or support processes. This allows Hitek to offer an efficient calibration and repair service assisting you with your instrumentation, calibration and repair. 

Ask about our Complete Managed Calibration Service.

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