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  • Inside Hitek's Mobile Calibration Lab

    Take a look inside Hitek's Mobile Calibration Lab

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  • Mobile Calibration Lab

    If you have lots of equipment to calibrate and don't want the hassle having to send them off for calibration then our mobile calibration lab could be the solution for you.

  • ALL NEW 17th Edition Multi Function Tester From Di-Log

    There is still time to take advantage of the offer don’t miss out.

  • Meet The Team

    From Left To Right We Have Jeff King, Stacey Paul, Eswar Lokireddy & Brad Grey.

  • Hitek Have Moved to a New Address

    Hitek Calibration

    Hitek have moved to a new office address in Ashington which is a few miles south along the A24 from the previous address in Foundry Lane.

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  • Clamp Meter Calibration from Hitek

    Clamp meter calibration

    A clamp meter is an electrical tester that combines a digital multimeter with a current sensor which allows users to simply clamp around wire, cables and other conductors at any point in the electrical system and measure its current, without disconnecting it.

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  • Calibration Frequency


    Calibration isn't a matter of "fine-tuning" your test instruments. Rather, it ensures you can safely and reliably use instruments to get the accurate test results you need. It's a form of quality assurance. You know the value of testing electrical equipment, or you wouldn't have test instrumentation to begin with. Just as electrical equipment needs testing, so do your test instruments.

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  • Torque Wrench Calibration


    The purpose of a torque wrench is used to apply the correct amount of force when tightening a fastener such as a nut or bolt. A torque wrench allows the operator to measure the torque applied to the fastener so it can be matched to the specifications for a particular use.

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  • Multimeter Calibration from Hitek


    A multimeter is an electrical measuring instrument which is perfect for measuring current (AC and DC in amperes), resistance (in ohms) and voltage (AC and DC in volts) on electrical circuits. Typically, a multimeter is a combination of a DC voltmeter, an AC voltmeter, an ammeter and an ohmmeter.

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  • Calibration On Your Doorstep

    Hitek UKAS Mobile Calibration Van

    The popular Hitek Mobile Calibration Lab has been visiting sites carrying out on-site calibration across the length and breadth of the UK 

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