Force calibration is required to regularly test the accuracy of force and weight for scales of gauges, scales and weights.

As the name suggests, weights are usually heavy and they can be large in size, therefore, removal from site can be difficult.

Hitek can calibrate your testing machine or instrument either onsite or offsite. Our calibration and testing laboratory has the capability to calibrate force type instrumentation. Alternatively, our field calibration engineers can visit your premises to undertake the calibration for weights and force test equipment.

We can offer standard traceable calibrations on the all types of force, load or weight test and measurement equipment.

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Force Gauge
Torque Wrench
Torque Analyser/Tester
Torque Driver/Gauge – Up To 1000 Nm
Weighing And Scales

Weighing Scales

Weight measurements using weighing scales make it easier for everyday transactions to be carried out rather than counting individual items.

Scales are used in many sectors. For example in medical and pharmaceutical for counting medicines, also the food industry for measuring the correct amount of ingredients.

These scales may lose their accuracy for a variety of reasons. Their components (mechanical or electronic) may become worn and cause a change in the reading.

There is a huge reliance on the calibration of weighing scales. We have to know if the scale is measuring accurately so any inaccuracy can be prevented.


Torque test and measurement instruments routinely require adjustment and service.

We can provide traceable calibrations for most torque instruments to national and/or international standards or to manufacturer’s specification from 1 to 1000 Nm.

We are able to calibrate the following types of torque equipment:

  • Wrenches (brake, click type etc)
  • Analysers and testers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Multipliers

If you have a large number of instruments, we can perform the calibration within the mobile calibration laboratory at your premises.