UKAS Calibration

UKAS Calibration

UKAS calibration is the highest level of calibration we can offer from our West Sussex laboratory (UKAS Laboratory No 0404). UKAS Certificates accredited to ISO 17025 generally cost between 25-50% more than their traceable counterparts.

UKAS calibration is available and carried out in our temperature controlled laboratory to ensure precise accuracy.

UKAS accreditation authorises laboratories to perform calibration and issue UKAS certificates. Regular UKAS assessments ensure that we work to the highest standard of quality in calibration with assured traceability to National Standards.

Instruments that have been calibrated to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), have been calibrated using approved procedures, with approved standards by approved calibration personnel.

What is the difference between Traceable Calibration and UKAS Calibration?

  • Traceable – Traceability calibration makes sure the unit is within the factory specifications and is sufficient for many instruments. The instruments we use for calibration are calibrated to UKAS and the relevant standards, therefore ensuring this traceability.
  • UKAS – Accreditation by UKAS means that evaluators: testing and calibration laboratories, inspection and certification bodies have been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

Traceable Calibration – ISO9001 

Traceable calibration is the standard type of calibration offered by Hitek. This type of calibration is generally selected by companies within the contracting industry and is widely regarded as the accepted standard by the UK registration bodies.

The traceability information on our “Traceable Calibration” certificates show which calibration standard was used to calibrate the instrument under test and it’s current UKAS Certificate No.

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