Temperature calibration can be achieved using a variety of methods. The standards used in temperature calibration can come in different forms but must be certified with an accuracy that is traceable to a national standard. Our premises are suitable for the nature of UKAS temperature calibrations to be undertaken.

We can provide UKAS calibration for most temperature recording instruments in a temperature controlled environment. However, if you don’t require UKAS calibration, we can also provide a standard traceable calibration service.

DescriptionSynonymsStandard UKAS
Temp/Humidity Sensor Logger
Infra Red ThermometerIR Thermomometer
Soldering Iron Stations
Temperature Baths 5 PointsHeat Bath
Temperature Calibrator
Temperature Calibration (1 Point)
Temperature Calibration (2 Point)
Temperature Calibration (3 Point)
Temperature Calibration (4 Point)
Extra Temp + Hum Points
Temperature Indicators (Simulated)Thermomometer
Temperature Controller (Simulated)
Temperature Thermometer (Simulated)
Climate ChamberOven

Temperature Meters

Hitek provide two types of temperature calibration:

1) Simulated

This is when the probe is not connected to the indicator. Instead the probe is “Simulated” by an electrical or resistive source and the readings read from the indicator. This method is usually used when wanting to check the accuracy of the indicator on its own.

2) System

A system calibration is when the probe is connected to the indicator and the probe is placed within a physical temperature, such as an oil bath. This is the most accurate form of temperature calibration because the probe and indicator are measured as an individual “System”.

Hitek can calibrate system temperatures between -20 and +600 degrees Celsius, and simulated temperatures across the full range of an indicator.

We can provide traceable calibrations on both types of temperature calibration and UKAS calibrations on simulated temperature calibrations.