Hitek has recently been expanding and developing its Radio Frequency & Microwave Meter calibration capabilities.

With a good range of equipment and a high level of expertise within the Radio Frequency field, Hitek can offer traceable calibrations on the following equipment from market leading manufacturers such as Rohde & Schwarz, Ansitsu and TTI:

DescriptionSynonymsStandard CalibrationUKAS
Arbitory Waveform GeneratorFrequency Generator
Frequency Counter Timer
Function Generator
Network Analyser
Rf Power Meters – <120 Watts
Rf Power Sensor – 0.1 To 18.5 Ghz
Rf Frequency Generator
Power Amplifier
Signal/Frequency Generator– 0.1 To 22 Ghz
Spectrum Analyser - 0.1 To 26 Ghz
Modulation Meters
Terminations – 0.1 To 18.5 Ghz
Rf Millivoltmeters
Mw Sweepers – 0.1 To 22 Ghz
Counters – 0.1 To 22 Ghz
Network Analysers
Reference Sources

If your instrument is not on the list or if you require any further help, then please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.