Hitek Calibration Services have been making an annual 700-mile round trip from West Sussex to Scotland for the past 15 years to perform aviation component calibration . The client is a company that specialises in the repair of electrical and mechanical aviation components used in aircraft for Europe’s leading commercial aviation and military companies.

The reputable client’s capabilities extend to repairs on gauges, valves, switches, panels, meters, fire detectors, probes, filters and switches etc. The upkeep of these components is critical to aircraft maintenance and performance.

As with most mechanical and electrical components, they require periodical calibration to ensure that they either continue to be functional or maintain a level of accuracy.



The Engineering & Instrumentation Manager at the repair company is responsible for the calibration of hundreds of pieces of test and measurement instrumentation including torque wrenches, insultation testers, surface ESDs, resistance meters, Vernier callipers, hypot testers, oscilloscopes, clamp meters, timers, multi-meters, watt meters and pressure gauges up to 400 bar.

The client prefers all the instruments being calibrated during one service because they don’t have duplicate items to use if items are taken offsite.

The aviation expert must also consider the practicalities of calibration on some of the larger, difficult to move items on site.



It’s a more cost-effective solution for Hitek to carry out an onsite service due to the large volume of instruments that require calibration. An onsite calibration service means they can avoid packaging and shipping costs. Plus, once you factor in the time it takes to send instrumentation to the calibration house, an onsite service is the ideal solution.

For the instruments that are too heavy to move, an onsite service is the only option.

Hitek load the Mobile Calibration Laboratory and make the trip with various pieces of kit to complete full testing of all equipment onsite. The Transmille 3041 multipurpose calibrator, DPI 145 pressure calibrator, Transmille 3200 insulation tester, heat blocks and torque analysers

Once onsite, traceable calibration can either take place inside of the mobile laboratory or inside the client’s premises if there’s a suitable air-conditioned room.

Following the completion of the aviation component calibration, the client can login into the Hitek portal via the Hitek website. From here, clients can view and print off their calibration certificates.

“We’ve been a loyal customer of Hitek because of the friendly, professional service”