Hitek Calibration Services perform onsite calibration for a company that specialises in the manufacture and testing of power transformers with system voltage up to 35,000 volts.

Impulse, temperature rise, impedance, magnetising current, sound pressure, winding resistance and short circuit tests are the types of tests which are carried out as part of a full test procedure.

These current and voltage tests are carried out using a variety of high-voltage insulation testers, current shunts, multimeters, function generators, velocity counters, oscilloscopes, weighing scales, and continuity meters.

As with all electrical test and measurement equipment, they require periodical calibration to ensure that they either continue to be functional (achieving full measuring ranges) and maintain a level of accuracy.



The Instrumentation Engineer at the company is responsible for the calibration of all the test and measurement instrumentation.

Due to the number of instruments in circulation, calibrations need to be done at different times throughout the year.



The client requests an onsite service a couple of times per year. Hitek are based in Ashington, West Sussex, less than 25 miles away so once the request is made, response is quick. The client can expect Hitek to be on site within a couple of days.

As the client doesn’t have a suitable area onsite, Hitek perform calibration services from the Mobile Calibration Laboratory.

Hitek’s mobile calibration laboratory parks within the premises and connects to a local power source. It is fully equipped and climate controlled to perform calibrations under controlled environmental conditions to traceable standards.

Following the completion of the calibration, the client can login into the Hitek portal via the Hitek website. From here, clients can view and print off their calibration certificates.

“We use a local calibration company like Hitek to carry out our instrument testing. Once we’ve organised the instruments at our end, we appreciate how swift Hitek are to respond in getting to site to undertake the calibration service”.